Fashion Icon: Kat Von D

I am pretty much in love with this woman. I watch her show religiously. (Speaking of which, the new season of L.A. Ink is premiering later this month!)  She’s a talented tattoo artist and is branching out into other mediums. She does beautiful photography, designed a make-up line with Sephora, and writes books. (They may not be great American novels, but the point is, she’s becoming a mogul.) To top it off, Kat has an amazing style.

Wearing over-the-knee boots before they blew up in popularity.

I’ve been wanting a pair of over the knee boots, and that photo just makes me want them more. One could definitely argue that her style is a hot mess, but to me, it’s just messy enough that it looks great.

Kat wearing lame pants.

Cropped jacket, lame pants.

I’ve been guilty of wearing the lame leggings as pants… Only once, and it was part of a costume. But I do love those leggings. I wear them under torn jeans and under dresses and tunics.

Spandex... oh my.

Leather vest, spandex leggings.

Maybe I like her because she shares a lot of my fashion loves: platform wedges, leather (well, I try to get pleather or vintage leather), studs, etc. When you look at her, you can just tell that she is confident in herself and her style.

Big, bold sunglasses.

Big, bold sunglasses (that suit your face) can really make an otherwise boring outfit look great. I love sunglasses, but unfortunately I’ve been cursed with glasses. I should try contacts again… Until then, I just slip sunglasses over my normal glasses. Probably a major faux pas but I don’t give a crap. In any case, Kat Von D is clearly a girl who enjoys accessorizing. She might not be running around in pink, but she is a girl who seems to enjoy clothes.

Like her? Hate her? Let me know with some comments!

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