My outfit, 2/05/10.


My outfit from 2/05/10.

Part of the reason I created this blog is my goal of improving my daily style. I tend to get lazy and look like a schlub pretty often. I’m trying to work on strengthening my fashion sense. Here’s what I wore last Friday (above). I hate to admit it, but both my vest and my shirt are from Avril Lavigne’s clothing line, Abbey Dawn. I really dislike Avril Lavigne and her music, and I admit that most of the clothing in her line is hideous. There are a few cute items in her line, and all of it is pretty affordable. (It’s sold at Kohl’s.) In the photo above, I’m wearing two Abbey Dawn pieces: the checkered top and the vest I’m wearing on top of it are both Abbey Dawn. I got the vest for $4 off the clearance rack and I think the top was $20, which was a bit painful for me, but I really liked it. I made the necklace from a vintage bone bead that my friend gave me. The earrings are from Body Central ($4), the bracelet is also from Kohl’s ($4), and I’m also wearing a bunch of rings, the big black one being from Target ($8).

The feet...

My shoes.

I’m wearing T.U.K. creeper sneakers (around $40) and skinny jeans.

The hand.

My bracelet/cuff and big black ring. (And hair tie...)

Green and  black checkered Abbey Dawn top.
Green and black checkered Abbey Dawn top on the runway.

What do you think about this outfit? Comment, and let me know!


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