Feature: Reverse Carved Lucite Jewelry

A lovely yellow vintage lucite necklace.

Lucite has become a trend plastic, like Bakelite. Essentially, lucite is a kind of plastic that was most popular during the 40s and 50s. It is the same stuff as plexiglas, and is still used today. Lucite jewelry has become a hot collectible, so it is easy to find lucite peices on eBay and etsy.com. Lucite likely rose to popularity not only because of its low production cost, but also its beauty. Clear lucite isn’t just clear, it’s crystal clear, mimicking the look of glass. It’s no wonder it became such a hit in costume jewelry.

From http://www.morninggloryjewelry.com/index.php

Beautiful reverse carved lucite bangle, resembling a fish bowl. Conversation piece, anyone?

It’s popular with collectors, but seems to be ignored in the world of vintage fashion. Reversed carved lucite jewelry is particularly attractive, and would pair well with any feminine outfit. If you want to find some unique jewelry that you won’t see on everyone else, I’d recommend reverse carved lucite.

If you like this kind of jewelry and want to learn more, here is a really helpful eBay article on lucite.


Earring and brooch set.

The kind of lucite jewelry I have pictured here gives the impression of pressed flowers encased in resin — but in fact they’ve been carved inside out, if that makes sense.


Here you can see how the "pressed flower" look is created. The back side of the plastic has been carved out.

These pieces would definitely get you compliments.


Lovely violet pin.

I am definitely lusting after this stuff. I found a really neat vintage reverse carved lucite name tag pin at an antique store about a year ago. I paid about $2 for it. (Can’t find it now for the life of me, or else I’d post photos.)  If you don’t have any luck finding lucite pieces like these at thrift stores or yard sales, then try etsy or eBay.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Beatiful pink set.

These images are not mine, and I claim no ownership. Hover over the images to get the link to their respective stores or websites.


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