Thrift Store Finds Round-up

Here are some great items I picked up…

Banging Black Bootie Heels

These faux leather stiletto boots were only $2!!!! I got them at a local charity thrift store a few blocks from my college.  They are a little steeper than what I am used to, as I am usually a platform wedge kind of girl, but I’m going to have to just practice walking in them. They are in great condition too. I need to get some shots of them on my feet.

Cake-slice necklace.

This is a vintage (probably 1980s) necklace that reminds me of those tiny little cake cubes they serve at fancy parties. It was only $1! I picked this up at a local antique store called “35 South.”

Sweet Jesus tapestry.

This isn’t a fashion item, but more of a home decor thing. This is an old Jesus tapestry thing (not really sure of what to call it.) It is much more beautiful in person, let me tell you. I paid $6 for this at a local flea market called “The Firehouse.” I had seen it there a few times and really wanted it, so I just bought it. What am I going to do with it? Not sure, yet… I have it hanging on my wall in my dorm room, but not sure where I’ll put it once I graduate and move out in the spring.


3 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds Round-up

  1. Krystle! I think I know that tapestry because I considered buying it too, actually….I’m glad you got it though, because I’m not sure what I would have done with it once I got it home. hah

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