Top Fashion Picks from

Betsey Johnson

Betsy Johnson is one of my favorite designers.  She’s a designer who has been around for a long time, and isn’t afraid to play with wild patterns and color combinations. I think I’ll do a feature on her in the future… but for now here are my top choices from her online store. (Not that I can actually afford any of this stuff, but it’s fun to dream.)

Stretch Cotton Velvet Jacket, $278

This velvety jacket has pyramid studs for buttons and is a really interesting cut for a jacket. I want it so bad, I can’t even describe it. It has a Victorian feeling to it, with the puff sleeves and high collar. There is a longer version as well for sale.

Rose covered clutch, $88

This clutch comes in both black and pink. I like the fabric roses that are covering the entire bag. I’m going through a rose phase, don’t know how or why but anything with roses involved seems to catch my interest.

Cat earrings, $40

These are pretty cute. Almost too simple for me (I like obnoxious jewelry). She has ones with skulls too.

Black cotton peplum dress, $358

I really like peplum dresses because the accentuate the waist and hide any problem areas around the butt, eliminating the threat of panty-lines. Also, they just look cool.


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