Alexander McQueen

As I was going through my daily list of street style blogs, I saw via The Sartorialist, that Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead today. I didn’t beleive it at first. I’ve been fascinated by his designs for awhile now. He has a spot with Gareth Pugh on my personal list of amazing designers. He made clothing more than fashion; his designs are art.

For anyone who is not familiar with his work, he has won “British Designer of the Year” four times.  Lady Gaga wears many of his pieces in her music videos.

Lady Gaga wearing his designs in her video for "Bad Romance."

The famous lobster claw shoes.

Daphne Guinness (rich socialite I’d never heard of either) has been spotted wearing McQueen’s extreme shoes on several occasions.

McQueen’s death has come only days before London Fashion Week, but McQueen was not scheduled for any shows. McQueen’s mother passed away earlier this month, so it seems the designer was under a great deal of stress and anguish. He and his ground-breaking designs will be missed.


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