Street Fashion Round-up: Pillbox hat, Klaus Nomi, Parisian Style

From The Style Scout.

Beautiful red plaid coat and matching scarf! Her piercings and hair style are excellent as well. I have a coat similar to this. I love her pill-box hat. There are a lot of patterns and textures going on in this outfit but she pulls it off well.

From The Style Scout.

I could be wrong, but that jacket looks to be Klaus Nomi inspired. Not a huge fan of it paired with the skirt (or dress?), but separately, they are both great pieces.

From Easy Fashion Paris.

Just such an exquisite outfit from head to toe. I love all black outfits that mix different textures of black — like the gloss of leather against the matte look of cotton. Lovely. I want to marry this girl. Seriously.

From Easy Fashion Paris.

This woman is striking! Fabulous hair, great earrings and bell-sleeved jacket she’s sporting is to die for. Plus, she’s found a way to wear beige and make it look daring.

From Lookbook.

I am a t-shirt girl at heart, and this galaxy t-shirt is great. I have a vaguely similar shirt, but it’s nowhere near as cool.


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