Thrift Store Finds!

I went back to my favorite little thrift store, The Mustard Seed, yesterday, and here’s my haul…

90s Heathers-esque dress ($6).

Pretty much in love with this long sleeved black dress. My photos just cannot do it justice. It fits me amazingly — shows off the smallness of my waist but also makes it look like I’ve got hips. It’s got mega padded shoulders. I would post pics of me with it on, but I plan on wearing it to my reading this coming Tuesday so I will wait until then.

Closer look at the detailing...

It has buttons all down the front and that other neat cording detail. The neckline is pretty unique as well. Reminds me of the dresses Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna have been wearing lately. (Click the names for photos!) Padded shoulders have been cropping up a lot lately in couture runways. I think I might wear it with opaque black tights. (Got mine from Target.)

Leather mini skirt, ($2).

I got this gorgeous vintage leather mini-skirt for only $2!!! It has really neat triangular elastic detailing that not only looks cool but is functional. It fits well enough for a $2 skirt. Not sure if it’s real leather or not, but it feels buttery soft.


With it on.

Jeans, ($3).

Just normal jeans, but they were only $3 and fit pretty nicely.

Faux leather cinch belt, ($0.75).

It’s redder than it looks in this photo. Very soft feeling fauz leather, and looks really good worn at the empire of your waist, natural waist, or hips. I was looking for a belt like this, and for less than a dollar, I’d say mission accomplished.

Unfortunately there was no new jewelry… I need to post some of my own jewelry creations soon. Let me know what you think of my finds with a comment!


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