Top Fashion Picks from Vivienne Westwood

Here are some item’s from Vivienne Westwood’s online store that I liked. All these items are ridiculously overpriced, but at least looking can give us ideas for our own style. You can always find similar items at down to earth prices, or even make your own.

Bambi Bag, $350

Cute cream colored Bambi bag in vintage inspired shape. You could probably find a bag in this shape at a thrift store if you looked hard enough. I am going to keep my eye out because I really like this shape of handbag — reminds me of what nannies or Mary Poppins carried.

Heart-shaped Bag, $342

I have seen similar bags like this at normal stores. This bag is similar to some of Betsey Johnson’s designs, and frankly I like her’s better. I guess Vivienne is known for being a bit more refined, but I prefer Bestey. (She is my favorite designer.) Hot Topic has similar designs right now on their website.

Patent Leather bag, $643

I have a bag very similar to this — slightly less wide, doesn’t have a chain for a strap, and obviously lacks the Westwood orb — and I got it for only a few bucks and it’s 1960s vintage.  Beats paying $643! Purses like this are very classy and pair well with black outfits. Gold and black are a very hot combination.

Too Fast ring, $163

This is a really neat ring that puts you in the mind of Sid Vicious and other young figures of punk rock who died too soon.  I have to admit, I really want this. You probably couldn’t find something too similar to this, but there are club rings and class rings floating around in thrift stores and pawn shops that would create a similar effect.

Pewter-like Cemetery Ring, $252

Just really neat, but it looks kind of cheap. They have stuff like this at Hot Topic and Spencer’s for a more reasonable price.

Heart necklace, $130

These kinds of necklaces look good with scoop neck shirts. You can probably find something like this at Claire’s.

Westwood Heart Orb Studs, $97.80

I like the pop of neon pink in these studs. Studs work well if you’ve got other dramatic jewelry on, as wearing a dramatic necklace and dangly earrings can seem to busy.


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