Salvation Army + Gabriel’s finds!

Today, my grandmother and I made a trip to a store called Gabriel Brothers. It’s like TJ Maxx or Ross, except that they buy stock in all conditions —  good or bad — even if there are huge tears in the stuff. The upside is, everything is really cheap, even before clearance (some clothes are just $1!!), so you just have to have a good eye to find things in good shape. It’s a treasure trove for those who love the thrill of the hunt…

Here’s what I got from that store:

“I’M ILL / NOT SICK” Local Celebrity tee, $2.99

Price tag!!!

This shirt was only $2.99! It’s super soft and has that thin vintage tee feel to it, even though it’s new. I looked on the Local Celebrity website, and this shirt is $28.00 if you buy it from them directly. I saved $25.00!

“GANSTA RAP MADE ME DO IT” Local Celebrity tee, $2.99

Price tag!

Another shirt of the same brand. When I saw this one, I had to have it, and for $2.99 it’s worth it. This one isn’t on their website, so I guess it’s out of print, but I’d assume it was a similar price.

T.U.K. Creeper Sneakers, $2.99

Price tag!

I couldn’t even beleive the price on these shoes when I saw them. At first I thought they were maybe fake, but they have a Hot Topic store price tag on them. Originally they were $30, and I got them for only $2.99.  I saved $27! They are not as ornate or cool as T.U.K.’s other creeper sneakers (I have a pair of green leopard print ones) but they were so cheap that it doesn’t matter.

After finding some sweet deals in Gabriel’s, we quickly perused the Salvation Army that was next door. I like the Salvation Army more than Goodwill because their prices are more reasonable, they are usually much bigger, and they have rotating sales every week. Every week, different colored tagged items will be 50% off. As I said, we  just looked around pretty quickly because we were really hungry, but if I had more time I probably would have found more.

Here’s what I got:

Polka-dot Full Skirt, $0.99

Price tag!

This is a cute prairie skirt that was only $0.99.  The hem is finished with a scalloped embroidered detail. I would wear this higher up on my waist over a halter top to create a rockabilly or 50s look.

Tapestry bag, $1.99


Price tag!

They had a lot of neat bags that I would have liked to buy but we were in a rush. This bag really caught my eye. I’ve seen a lot of woven bags like this — I guess they are travel souvenirs — but this one is really soft like a rug and the colors are very vibrant.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I’m going to be doing a feature on boots, so stay tuned for a lot of boot-y goodness.


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