Fashion Icon: Axl Rose.

I have been fascinated by Axl Rose since I was a little girl. Axl Rose probably isn’t the first celebrity you might think of when it comes to great fashion, but I’d argue otherwise. While he may be a jerk and may be gross now (yeah, those bizarre braids are awful) he was certainly on his game in the 80s and early 90s as far as his fashion sense goes.

Classic Axl: Aviator sunglasses, t-shirt, lots of bracelets.

Tight pants paired with cowbow boots.

Captain America!

A bit risque, but still fabulous!

I was thinking of putting together themed outfits specifically for the blog that are inspired by the fashion icons I feature… Keep posted.

One thought on “Fashion Icon: Axl Rose.

  1. Give us more photos. Loosen up, don’t be so up tight. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful, pretty, sexy man dressing up like a stripper/porn star/prostitute or a woman or any way he wants. Axl is an eternal fashion icon. I love you Axl Rose. You are the best. God bless Axl Rose.

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