Street Fashion Round-up: Boyfriend jeans, Crust-punk pants, and Versace platform shoes.

I haven’t been keeping up on posting at all lately! I am in the midst of the end of the semester here at college and I’m only a month away from graduation!!!! AHHHHH! So, that’s why you’ll be seeing large bursts of posts all at once and then periods of no posts. Please forgive me.

Decided it was time for another street style round-up, so I chose some cool outfits from and Easy Fashion. Enjoy.

Cropped blazer, boyfriend jeans.

I love this outfit. It’s simple and casual enough that it’s actually practical. I really want a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Garter stockings, shredded top.

I think she’s wearing pantyhose that are made to look as if she’s wearing a garter belt and stockings as well. Very sexy but still edgy.

Leopard dress, denim vest, studded cuffs.

Love, love, love, LOVE. Everything about it. I would wear this outfit, if the dress were a bit longer. I don’t like to have to worry about my underwear or butt-cheeks showing. Just makes me wanna not wear a dress when it’s so short that you can only really be standing. Nevertheless, this is a bomb outfit. I wanna stud my denim vest. Think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Killer boots and crust-punk pants.

Despite how delicate those pants would be, it’s a really cool take on the way crust-punks alter their pants. They will sew patches upon patches onto their pants until the pants are virtually gone. This person (I assume they made them, if they bought them that’s sad) must have taken a lot of time to sew all these little sections of denim together. Very cool. I really like that they’ve used dental floss as thread too. Seems tacky, but floss doesn’t break as easily. Hand sewing with thread makes the item delicate because the thread doesn’t allow for stretching.

Gorgeous platform shoes.

I think these are Versace shoes, if I am not mistaken. They are fabulous. So fabulous that I’m now angry.

Well, that’s it for now. Please, please, please leave comments! Stay tuned for more madness.


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