Recent Thrift Store Finds…

Well, I’ve got some stuff from the Salvation Army and some stuff from a church thrift store to share this week.

Here’s a vintage cotton candy pink accordion pleat skirt with what looks like fruit slices printed all over. I love it.  I got this at a church that has a thrift store where you can full a paper grocery bag for $2.

A closer look at the detail…

Nautical? Candy stripe? I love it! A waist cincher belt that will go great with a few skirts I’ve got in my wardrobe. Same bag sale.

A nice thin leather belt from that same store again. They had a ton of similar belts, and I thought it would be a handy piece to add to my wardrobe.

Lace “Express” blouse, like the kind Prince wore in the eighties! Not vintage, but still cool. $3.99 from Salvation Army. (Actually it was half of that because it was “Family Day,” so everything was half-price.)

There are more things to come, so stay tuned.


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