Dreams do come true…

A girl from my area was featured in the newspaper for being chosen to attend NY Fashion Week! Here’s the link to the article.

She worked hard, got a blogging gig with Chictopia’s “Everyone is Ugly” blog, and clearly made an impression, seeing as how she was chosen to go to Fashion Week. This is a very prestigious honor. Fashion week is invite only.

This inspires me to start working much harder, because I’d love to make this fashion blogging thing serious. If you work hard enough, you can get where you want to go. And baby, I wanna go! I’m a college graduate who is currently going… nowhere. (Except crazy. I work at Dollar Tree, come ‘on people.)

Let’s all make a belated New Year’s resolution: Stop trying to please others, because that’s a game you can’t win. It may sound self-serving, but strive to please yourself. Work toward the goals YOU want to achieve. It won’t be easy, but we’ll all be a lot happier if we do what we love, not just what we have to do. Now, I’m not going to quit my Dollar Tree “gig” (ick, sounds gross just typing that) but I am going to focus less effort on stressing myself out about the entire weight of the world, and transfer that energy into this blog, and all of my other writing. Buying, selling, and sharing fashion is something I love, and I know I am not alone. Let’s make this work!

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