Skull Face Tattoo Guy in the new Lady Gaga Video “Born This Way” – Pictures.

Source: Bizarre

Fashion related? Eh, maybe not, but I think it’s cool. At first I didn’t like the new song, but it’s grown on me, and the video is crazy good.


Anyways, you may recognize that guy (“Zombie Boy”) from BMEzine and ModBlog, well now he’s in Lady Gaga’s new video. He is pretty brave to get a face tattoo, but like the Lizard Man and “The Enigma” (aka puzzle piece face guy) he can probs make a good living off of it. It all reminds me of el Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls and the some of the giant puppets that you see in the Brazillian carnivales. Turns out, his name is Rick. He’s going for the “zombie” look. Which, I mean okay, but rotting flesh is more of a zombie trademark. Skeletons are just skeletons. Still, he’s attractive in some strange way. F’n Rad has a pretty nice article about him here, with some more photos — even one with an old man scoffing at him angrily.


Lady Gaga appears with him, with a matching face. And they do some sexy dancing stuff. It’s almost too sexy for me. I could hardly handle it! I also dig her new hair do — side ponytail with very short jagged bangs. She died the bangs black (I know this from twitter).


Oh, look see! Fashion. Just look at that Batman-esque chest plate! And, those boots are to die for, but I think I need heels on my boots. I am awkward on elevated shoes like heels and platforms to begin with.


11 thoughts on “Skull Face Tattoo Guy in the new Lady Gaga Video “Born This Way” – Pictures.

  1. This guy is HOT!!! It takes balls to look like this, so he must have the balls of an elephant. I would have no problem being seen with him at a club. Does anyone know if he has a Facebook profile so I can get on it??

  2. Admittedly so, I’m not part of the tattoo culture. I get it…some times, but most times not. This leaves me baffled. Where does one go from having a complete zombie body tat? I do want to understand. Btw, great blog name! Good play on words.

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