Thrifty Find: Ralph Lauren Mary Kate Olsen Look-a-like Sunglasses for $0.99

I can't remember the name of the store, but I purchased these for $0.99.

I purchased these at a $0.99 store somewhere in Las Vegas last summer. I never got around to properly posting my haul from Vegas, so I am slowly getting caught up. When I saw them in the store, I was like, “Hey, these look like Chanel sunglasses.” But after buying them I realized they were identical to several other Designer shades. They are a dead ringer for ones by a lesser known designer, but I forgot his name… These sunglasses are pretty nice and sturdy, surprisingly good quality for less than a buck. They also had a pair in sky blue with pink lenses which I strongly considered but eventually gave up on.

These are Ralph Lauren shades that retail for $350.00.

Mary Kate Olsen wearing almost identical shades.

The popular celebrity fashion blog WhoWhatWear did a feature on these round sunglasses — read it here.

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