Amy Winehouse’s new Fred Perry Collection – photos!

Finally, we get to see all of the designs she’s helped bring to life when she callaborated with the Fred Perry clothing line!

My initial thoughts are that it’s nice, but almost a bit boring. However, I guess I should keep in mind that miss Amy is working on cleaning up her image, which could be why this collection is so organized and clean cut.

To view the entire collection, click here. Now, let’s hope we see her new album soon! If you haven’t heard it yet, why not give her newest song (a cover of “It’s My Party”) from the Quincy Jones tribute album a listen. It’s really good!


One thought on “Amy Winehouse’s new Fred Perry Collection – photos!

  1. I Love Amy Winehouse…I am so happy she appears to be doing well. I love that the pieces really are so vintage looking. They do appear somewhat sedate, but I think one reason they appear “boring” is that they are featured on a faceless model…no hairstyles, makeup, accessories or shoes being featured. I do think though they can be really great pieces, the makings of a good foundation for one with a vintage palate.

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