Thrifty Finds: Velvet Matador Bolero and Tuxedo Shirt

This matador jacket (or bolero if you prefer) was purchased at a consignment shop called “Classy Rags.” It was $11.50 which is kind of pricey for me when it comes to used items, but I kept thinking I’d regret not getting it. I am definitely going back there, because there were some really gaudy silk blazers that I am remorseful for not owning. The tuxedo shirt is from the CVAS thrift store, and it was purchased during a “fill-a-paper-bag-for-$5” sale.

Check out the cool detailing! Very soft, but a tad bit big on me. I’ll still wear it. Reminds me of this:

See the gold cording detail.

I really want to get some photos of my outfits but every chance I get it’s overcast and/or my stupid camera is non-compliant. Don’t get a Fujifilm Finepix S1800. It’s outdated now, so you probably won’t anyway, but just a heads up — the on/off switches malfunction.



One thought on “Thrifty Finds: Velvet Matador Bolero and Tuxedo Shirt

  1. If you still have this gorgeous jacket and would like to sell it my name is Heaven. Please feel free to contact me anytime 6198673759 or My high school mascot was the matadors and I am desperately trying to find a bolero with so much swag as this one!! Thanks!

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