Featured Fashionable Item: Vintage Train Cases

It’s sad that people don’t use these all that often these days. Vintage train cases are like mini-suitcases, intended for carrying luggage or goods for short trips. Think of them as predecessors to the “caboodles” of the 1980s and 90s. I have two myself, one that I use to keep my “for sale” jewelry.

This is my favorite of the two:

It says “Lady Baltimore” on it. How cute?! I got it for $2 at the local charity thrift store. Haven’t seen any as good as this one since. Not like I need more stuff… But this is great for me to use to carry all my handmade/vintage jewelry from place to place and makes for a great display too! I’d like to get a few more like this to use for displays at consignment shops/other places that will allow me to sell my jewelry (when I get to that point).

Here are some lovely train cases I found on etsy.com. All relatively affordable too. Click the images to view the sale pages.

From etsy seller PocketFullofHeirloom. (When I first read the name, I mistook heirloom for herion. Eeek, I jump to conclusions when I read.)

From etsy seller Carolsthreads.

From etsy seller rustmagnet.

From etsy seller WellWudJaLookAtThat.


2 thoughts on “Featured Fashionable Item: Vintage Train Cases

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  2. Love ’em! I have a couple myself…one that looks like yours in blue and one that looks like the third one in white! 🙂 where do you sell your jewelry? Do you have an etsy?

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