Street Fashion – Early Spring 2011 Trend Spotting

Pastel colorblocking, from

Color-blocking (wearing simple, one color garments all of different colors) seems to be on the rise again! I am not into mixing blues and oranges myself, so if I try this, it will be with pastels like the woman above.

A great 70s-esque look: flared jeans and kimono style sleeves.

The skinny jeans craze has finally ebbed enough to make room for flares and bell-bottoms again! People still appreciate how flared trousers create a balanced silhouette. This woman has a very 70s look going on, which in my opinion, is and always will be CHIC! I love flowy tops and brown leather.

Bird prints are in. Strange but awesome.

I’ve been seeing fabrics with birds on them pretty often lately. It’s cute. I have also seen kangaroo prints.

60's style empire waist dresses.

Another common sight right now is empire waist dresses and tops. (Empire waists are below the bosom, much higher than the natural waist.) Dresses with waists like these were very, very popular in the sixties.

My “trend-spotting” is in no way meant to make you feel like you need to follow the trends. I’m just observing and offering inspiration. I am the kind of person who likes the classics way more than the trends. If what’s trendy happens to be cute, I might imbibe but following trends that one doesn’t even like leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyways, happy Wednesday! Here’s to hoping Saturday comes fast! (That’s my Friday.) Weeeeee!


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