Penelope Tree: 1960s Fashion Model

Check out Nasty Gal’s neat-o feature on Penelope Tree!

Dang, I like the 1960s more and more! Poor raccoons, though.

Here is some more information on her:

Penelope Tree (born 1950) is an Anglo-American former fashion model whose long legs and good looks made her an icon of the late 1960s. She was the only child of Marietta Peabody Tree, a socialite and Democratic political activist, and Ronald Tree,  a bisexual journalist, investor and MP. Tree is a great-granddaughter of American retailer Marshall Field and of American educator Rev. Endicott Peabody. Tree’s family objected to her career as a model, and when she was first photographed at the age of 13 by Diane Arbus, her father vowed he would sue if the pictures were published.”

Talk about crazy!

Source: Wikipedia of course.


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