A belated tribute to Amy Winehouse.

It’s been a week or two since Amy passed away, and I’ve noticed, like every dead celebrity, so many people are now fans. I seem to recall everyone calling her horrible names and criticizing her for her addictions and problems only a short time ago. Amy was perfect by no one’s standards. She’d been an alcoholic for many years. She was bulimic. She indulged in a plethora of hard drugs. She fell in love with the wrong men. However, I can tell from the lyrics she wrote that she was deep and intelligent. She had a poetic mind. There aren’t many songwriters like her anymore.

Ever since I learned of who Amy was (probably about five years ago), I’ve followed the news on her, always hoping she’d get healthy and STAY that way. I was desperate for her to finally release her third album. I’m sure her record company will jump at the chance to make money on a posthumous release, but I really wanted to see Amy back on top again.

I’ll miss her…


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