A Look at the Upcoming Versace collaboration with H&M

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I took a short vacation to New York City, and for the long bus ride home I picked up the new issue of Vogue. As I read through the magazine, I came to the feature on Versace’s upcoming diffusion line the fashion house is launching with H&M. (For those of you who are like me and don’t know what diffusion line means, it’s basically a more affordable, redesigned version of an expensive designer line.) I’m still mourning the loss of my chance at snagging a piece from the Missoni for Target line that is still technically going on, but as most fashionistas will tell you, the shelves are bare, so the article in Vogue was pretty exciting for me. The Missoni for Target line sold out within days of release online and in my local Target. I wanted at least a cardigan, but no dice. Perhaps, like the Dolce Vita line, I’ll be able to scrounge something up on eBay. (I found a pair of Dolce Vita for Target boots with the gold buckles and zippers for only $15, including shipping! I’ll show them off in my next post!)

The Versace line will have two roll-out dates, the first being Novermber 17th and the second coming January 19th of next year. The first installment will include woman and menswear as well as goods for the home, such as decor and dinner ware. Both installments are reworkings of iconic designs from Versace’s archives, including many from the late Gianni Versace.

Above is a video released by Versace back in June. Lots of leather and studs, she says. Well, the line will be far less expensive than real Versace pieces, but not cheap by H&M standards. Maybe the upside is that the line won’t sell out immediately like the Missoni for Target line has.  We’re getting more and more looks at pieces now that the full ad campaign has been released. Here are some to pique your interest…

Leather studded dress from the upcoming Versace for  H&M line.

Donatella Versace wearing one of the studded leather dresses from the line for H&M at a Versace fashion show.

Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson modeling the H&M line. Photo by Mert & Marcus.

A reworking of a Gianni Versace design for the H&M line.

I am excited, but doubtful I will be able to afford anything. Hopefully the H&M closest to me will be one of the “select” stores. For more scans of the ads that have been released, check out this Fashonologie article.


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