Product Reviews: L’oreal ColorZap + John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color

I have had black hair for about a year now. I loved that black hair dye didn’t really damage my hair, and that it was an easy color to apply on my own. I didn’t really have to worry about unevenness or missed spots. I’d just slather even on so that my whole head was saturated. But sadly, my love affair with black has ended. It’s fall, my skin is ghostly white and I am sick of dealing with my light-colored roots.

So, this past weekend seemed a better time than ever to strip the black from my hair. I am sharing my findings with you.

1. L’Oreal Color Zap: About $11, Sally Beauty Supply.

I did some internet research (mostly via YouTube) on the best way to strip black hair-color from my hair. It quickly became clear that a lot of people were using L’Oreal ColorZap. YouTubers seemed to be getting pretty good results, so I thought I’d give it a try. This product claims to remove artificial pigments from hair with minimal damage to your hair (as long as your hair isn’t already damaged — that’s a big disclaimer in the directions). So, did it live up to its expectations for me? Not really. I think this product was worth using, certainly. It did lift the harshness of black from my hair, but unfortunately it only left the length of my hair a dark chocolate color. (My roots were bright white! So, pretty scary.) Now, I’m going to assume the lack of significant color change was because I have been dying it black for a whole year. It looked like the section of my hair that was roots before the last time I dyed it black was slightly lighter than the rest. So, maybe if you only dye it black once and you also use semi-permanent dye, Color Zap might work for you. My hair was freshly cut and in great condition before using L’Oreal Color Zap. Afterwards, it felt dry and rough. I would rate this product better than bleach or blonde dye for removing black from your hair, but it is still a long shot from a magic fix.

2. John Frieda Precision Foam Home Hair Color: Under $12, available at WalMart, KMart, and most drug/grocery stores.

I used the 3vR Radient Red “Deep Cherry Brown” color. I was looking to dye my hair a deep burgandy shade, and this was the closest match. This product claims to be drip-free and precise — leaving no uneven or blotchy spots on the hair. I was skeptical about foam hair dye, but now I’m a believer.  It was so easy to apply to my hair. It wasn’t dripping all over my body and my bathroom floor like traditional hair dyes. One box was enough to cover all of my hair – and I have a lot of hair. With traditional dyes, I always have to buy two boxes. The color looks great — surprisingly good for what it looked like after using the ColorZap color stripper. My hair did not seem to be damaged by this dye. (However, the ColorZap did damage it, so it’s gonna need some TLC.) I think I am going to keep using foam hair color. I love this product, but I wish they had move vivid colors.


2 thoughts on “Product Reviews: L’oreal ColorZap + John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color

  1. How did your colour turn out? I am kind of in the same place you were. I have blonde hair and have been dying it black for over two years. While I love the black because of the colourful streaks I could put in I am sick of my white looking stripe. I like sound of the colour you used, please let me know how it turned out. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! Well, the color looks really good, but it gets gradually darker and more black through the length of my hair. So, not perfect, but it’s a start. I figure I’ll let it recuperate for a month or two before I try again. I’m using Softees Hair Cholesterol to strengthen it bac k up. Good luck with your hair! ❤

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