Three Reasons Why You Should Give the Peplum Skirt a Chance

Peplums in every shape and size.

1. Instantly creates an hourglass figure.

  • If you have broad shoulders, a peplum dress or skirt will balance you out.
  • For those who have a little extra love in the tummy area (like me) it will help give back that hourglass figure by contrasting your waistline.
  • If you have a slender frame (or even just a straighter frame), this will enhance your curves.
And the people does all of this without making your legs look bulky, because the skirt itself is typically fitted. Otherwise, it’s just a ruffle. Peplum elitism here, folks.

2. Adds playfulness and femininity to an otherwise stuffy ensemble.

If it weren’t for the peplum effect of the blazer, this look would be quite serious and a little too matronly for a woman of Kate Middleton’s age. It also adds curves to her slender body.

3. It’s readily available in thrift stores!

The peplum has been around long before the 1980s! It’s the modern way to wear a bustle, representing a stark contrast to the loose-fitting garments of the 1920s and 30s.

Thanks for reading, thrifters!


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