About Thrifty Cent

Hi! I am Krystle, and I am the author of Thrifty Cent. I am currently twenty-four years old. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University, and I live to thrift, partially out of necessity, but moreso for the thrill of the hunt. I love all the fashion bloggers who jet set around the world, wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes and carrying Celine handbags, but personally, I can’t really relate to that lifestyle. There’s a gap in the fashion world — there’s no place for those who can’t (or won’t) afford these ultra luxe items… but never fear! Thriftiness is the answer. A true fashionista is not the brands that she wears, but instead her style is the way she creates a look. Anyone can buy fashion, but only a person with style can make clothes look good. I am not the most fashionable person in the world, but I am hoping that this blog will help me find and strengthen my personal style, and motivate me to make my dressing an art instead of a droll necessity.

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy: I will not sell or intentionally share you (the readers) information in any way. I do not work for any of the companies or businesses mentioned in this blog other than my own etsy store, The Betwixt Boutique. All opinions and sentiments are my own. I have not been paid by anyone to write this blog. I am not affiliated with any business mention on this blog. If a post is sponsored, this will be made known to the reader within the post.

Anyone who wishes to contact me about this blog should direct emails to thriftycentblog@gmail.com. Please allow reasonable time for reply.

If you have your own fashion like and would like to swap links, you can email me at thriftycentblog @ gmail . com . I am willing to exchange just plain links or sidebar banners. Every little bit helps!



8 thoughts on “About Thrifty Cent

  1. yes, it would be nice to write maybe an inexpensive book on tried and true experiences, many times in my jewelry making I have went to computer to be sent to places I don’t even ask for, very irritating. So go for it, n please leave a place for other diy jewelry makers to leave their tried and true experiences for your book.

  2. Great blog and I look forward to reading it! I have a blog where I write on crafting, thrifting and some other random things, and I hope you’ll drop by! howdoyoudocument.wordpress.com

  3. I googled “Jesus tapestry” under images and an old post came up from your blog. Do you still have that tapestry? I have almost the same one hanging on my dorm room wall right now.

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