DIY Checkered Glass Collar Tips

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I am obsessed with collar tips right now. Cash is extremely tight as of late, so I’ve been getting creative to feed my fashion hunger. I made with decorative glass from the Dollar Tree, magazine clippings (a Louis Vuitton ad to be precise), Mod Podge, and gold hardware I already had for making jewelry.

Would anyone be interested in a tutorial on how to make these?


I met Kat Von D and my Weekend in Philly (OOTD!)

I was lured into the city of brotherly love this past weekend with the chance to meet Kat Von D at her book signing Saturday night. I waited in line after purchasing her new coffee table book Go Big or Go Home (which is a delightful salad of gorgeous artwork, tattoos, and thoughtful essays). My anxiety was reaching critical mass, and by the time I actually saw her I was seriously considering bolting, I was so nervous. All my fears were for naught, thankfully. She was so kind and sweet and made me feel like she actually gave a crap. She told me she also likes Siouxsie & the Banshees too and hugged me twice. It’s Monday and I am still grinning.

philly 033

She was wearing the coolest Lita’s I’ve ever seen.

philly kat von d1

I look quite haphazard outfit-wise, but we had to head out into town as soon as we arrived so I had no time to put together a coherent look, but I wore the Siouxsie band tee I’ve had since high school, purple acid wash skinnies, a highligher yellow messenger bag from, and my vintage leather pixie boots from the $2-per-bag thrift store. I am also wearing my new Earnest Hemingway collection eyeglasses that I got for FREE at my lovely place of employment.

While in town, we stayed with my most awesome friend Sara. Her neighborhood has a high population of hipsters, which means a high density of badass restaurants. Say what you may about hipsters, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to make delicious progressive food. I forgot my ID, so I had to sneak a bottle of unknown contents into an establishment, and it exploded. That was horrifying and hilarious all at once. We ate at Loco Pez (I had an amazing deep-fried hot dog), Memphis Taproom (where I had my first catfish po’boy), and Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen (where I had an egg and mushroom bake with Cajun sauce and a massive homemade biscuit). So much good eatin’ in a 24-hour time-span.

philly 036

At the Memphis Taproom. Zach’s beard is immense.

I fulfilled two dreams in one weekend, with the second being to visit the Mutter Museum. It was awesome. No photography was allowed, but my brain was filled to the brim. A visit to this place will make you realize how precious good health is. Here are the photos I took in the lobby:

philly 045 philly 051 philly 049 philly 046

Philly was a blast!

philly 044

My new favorite earrings – Glow-in-the-dark Bats!

xmas 120

xmas 017 xmas 014

Hello all! I am pretty pleased with these earrings I made around Christmas time. I took rubber bats from Halloween ($2.88 per pack of 16, at the time), affixed gold jumprings, chain, and fancy gold ear hooks. Takes like five minutes, and they look so cool, especially in the dark, as they GLOW! They are reeeeally big and swing around violently, but that is exactly how I want all my earrings to be. Thoughts?


Outfit of the Day 12/20/2012

xmas 233 xmas 234

Silk Alexander McQueen-esque scarf, $11 from Rue 21 last year; grey silk button-up blouse from a “fill a bag for $2” thrift store; dalmatian print Vince Camuto belt from Ross (discount store) for $12.99; black skinny jeans.


Street Fashion in Central Park, 10/08/2011 New York City

Last weekend, I took a trip to New York City with my boyfriend to visit my mother and to do some sight seeing (it was my boyfriend’s first time in NYC). We explored the city and had a great time! I wore my new Dolce Vita for Target boots. I found them on eBay for only $15 including shipping! I wanted to buy them when they were available at Target, but they sold out in my size. They are actually more comfortable than my old sneakers, amazingly enough, and I was doing A LOT of walking.

We spent much of Saturday touring Central Park. I must admit, the park keeps getting nicer and nicer. One thing that never changes about New York is the fabulous street fashion. I managed to snap a few photos:

And, by a complete stroke of luck, we ran into the Occupy Wallstreet movement in Manhattan as they were leaving the park they’d been protesting in and were relocating.

Yesterday’s outfit: Lace trapeze top and knee-high boots.

The weather has been lovely! Here is a recent outfit of my own featuring my handmade glass pendant from last’s year’s Renaissance Faire.

I made the outer-space background myself. I am totally artsy and unique.

I hope you all enjoy my “Myspace” camera angle photography skills. I need a tripod, desperately. And a new camera too.

The top was found at Ross for around $9. The boots are Rocawear, and were featured in a previous post, last year. The pentagram pendant was purchases for $2 at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire from the glass-blowers.

My outfit for a trip to a consignment shop — hype it on!

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I wore this on Wednesday of last week when I went to a consignment shop in Carlisle called “Classy Rags.” I got a velvet bolero that looks like a matador jacket, a lace scarf, and a big turtle necklace. I am waiting for a sunny day to take photos. (And for my digital camera to cooperate.)

I wore:

A pink argyle cardigan from Old Navy, that was a gift.

An old dress from high school that I got at Ross for around $10. I think.

Vintage lace-trimmed slip from a thrift store, $2.

Zebra print gladiator sandals, also a gift.

Various jewelry, including a $1 Hello Kitty bracelet from the dollar section of Target.

Yesterday’s Outfit: I have a cold.

I am wearing a few-years-old leopard cardi from H&M that I bought from the H&M store in New York ($16?), a thrifted Express button up collared shirt ($3, CVAS Thrift Store), and thrifted Converse jeans ($6, Goodwill).


I have had a pretty bad cold for the past few days. Definitely not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I decided to leave the house for the first time in two days today (well, yesterday now) to venture out to a thrift store… and was delighted to discover that they were having a bag sale! Fill a bag with clothing for $5. Not bad, but they seemed to be pretty well picked over as far as cool stuff goes, so I shared the bag with my sister. I got a seventies track sweater, which is pretty awesome. I am in need of funds, so I am debating whether or not to sell it.

I can’t wait until it gets nicer outside! I can’t seem to get any good pictures indoors. I live in a small, crowded house with poor lighting. Also, I always make a weird face when cameras flash. I can’t explain it. I just look better sans flash.

I am considering doing prodect reviews for the blog. So, with that in mind, I bought a “ball” of that nifty lip balm by EOS that I saw on Michelle Phan’s YouTube, and after only hours of possessing this awesome lip balm, my dog found it and chewed it up. He really loves lip balm. (If you want to try it I found it for sale in the checkout lanes of Wal*Mart.) So, I will have to buy another, since it smelled so good and my lips are hurtin’ for balm. I hate winter! I also feel it necessary to express my dire need for a camera tripod. Where can I get a cheap one? Been scouring eBay.

Today I am hooked on the song Heads Will Roll by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

New favorite outfit…

The big, bold polka dot bolero is from a church thrift store, where you can fill a paper grocery bag full of stuff for only $2! I love that place.

Zebra cropped cardigan was from Ross (discount store) — I think it was something like $5 because it had a tear that I eventually mended. The purple top was originally a dress but it shrunk in the wash, so now it’s a shirt! It is from Susie’s Deals, a store I came across in Las Vegas where everything is $5.99 and up, but nothing was really over $10. This was $9.99.  Shorts are old and from Old Navy a few years ago, and the sandals are Mossimo from Target.

H&M Vote for my blog
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Viva Las Vegas!

So, I just got back from a week long trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was very hot and very dry, but I had a blast. We perused many of the bigger hotel casinos like Treasure Island and Ceasar’s Palace that had amazingly high end stores! Of course, I couldn’t afford anything but it was fun to look. Here are some gorgeous Prada shoe displays:

There were all kinds of great stores that I drooled over…

Being around all those expensive stores inspired me in my shopping trips to places that were tailored to my budget. I will show off my finds in my next post.

“Free Box” Dress…

Today I wore a dress that I plucked out of free box at a yard sale about a year ago…

The big wooden peace sign necklace came from an antique store and cost $1.

So, not including the shoes… that’s a $1 outfit!!!

My Style: A little update…

So, earlier this past week, I graduated from college! Sad thing is, even though I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, I will still be working a crap job this summer. It’s for convenience, as I want to go on vacation with my family this summer, and where I work will allow me to take off. Still, all summer, I will be job hunting for a good job. So, you can expect me to show off some thrifty finds that are job interview appropriate.

Here are some photos of my friends and I all dressed up for at 1970s themed party:

My outfit... I was going as Stevie Nicks.

I am wearing a vintage dress from Goodwill that I bought recently for only $4!! I added a waist belt and cowboy boots.


Charlie's Angels attempt...

Both Sara and Kelly look fabulous!

My Fashion: Dali Art Gallery Exhibition

Getting dressed up for openings for the art gallery that I work for at college is a lot of fun. Not to say that the art is somehow less important. I really enjoy fine art, and this particular exhibition was a collection of Salvador Dali prints illustrating The Divine Comedy. Super cool. So here are some cool outfits from that night…

Super cool vest and great maxi-dress.

Gorgeous dresses!

My outfit...

Weirdly lit face, and my outfit again.

I am wearing:

Leopard print button up top, Burlington Coat Factory, $9 ish

Faux leather waist cinching belt, Body Central, $9

Vintage leather pencil skirt, thrifted, $2

Silver faux snakeskin platforms, Steve Madden, $3o

I can’t resist Steve Madden shoes. Those were expensive, but I had to buy silver shoes for my friend’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid. Love them though.

“My Style” throwbacks…

Some pictures I never got around to posting and some from before I started this blog.

Queen of Hearts Costume

I am wearing:

– Yard sale earrings (little running bunnies) – $0.10

– Halter dress (Salvation Army, can’t remember the price but probably less than $4)

– Black and red polka dotted vintage skirt (Thrift Store, $2ish)

– Red vintage apron, vintage (antique store, $3, which I thought was kind of pricey)

– Claire’s and Kohl’s bracelets

-Red wedges (Payless, can’t remember the price)

I wore that outfit for an Alice in Wonderland dance. I was proud of myself for putting together a pretty cute ensemble.

Sailor skirt (flea market) and moon boots (Payless, $6).

Got the skirt at a flea market and the belt is a plastic fish scale belt. It’s vintage. And amazing. I think the skirt was $2. The person I bought it off of had sewn it herself. So, it’s one of a kind. I sound pretentious. I apologize. I love this outfit.

All black outfit, but crappy picture.

I wore this to a formal dinner at my university. I have had those ridiculous platform mary janes since high school. I got them at Hot Topic on super clearance for $4!

Zombie Axl Rose costume.

Axl Rose is a huge influence on my style. I guess he’s kind of a douche and is really gross looking now, but in the 80s and early 90s he was a mega-babe and had badass style. I love the way he combined aviators with rolled up bandanas. I am wearing a vintage leather vest I purchased off of eBay after looking at too many Kat Von D photos. Basically this is a combinations of Kat Von D and Axl rose. I would love to see their lovechild.

Sidenote: eBay is a great place to find used clothing. It’s cheaper than most etsy stores (because etsy sellers are aware that they can charge a pretty penny for old clothing) and has more selection.

My Lizzie Borden costume...

Nothing about this really screams Lizzie Borden, but it was a last minute Halloween costume. I used some bloodied gauze (a decoration, not real) as a hip scarf and wore a groundhog skull I found along some railroad tracks as a choker. I have a puff-sleeved button up with a waist cincher corset over it, and a black peasant skirt.

Another shot...

I'm the one in the polkadot skirt.

I like this picture because it shows how much my style has changed. (This is from about three years ago, give or take.) I still like my outfit in this picture, but since I am 21 years old now, I’ve had to grow up a little. Still, I kinda wish I could dress like this. I have to get a job, though.

Well, that’s it for now. I am posting entries in spurts because I am stalling on doing my homework.

What I Wore

Black and gray cardigan, $4.99, Ross.

Slayer t-shirt, resewed by me.

Fuchsia plaid belt, $5, PacSun.

Fender Skull belt buckle, $10-15 (can’t remember), Spencer’s.

Jeans, $20, Aeropostale.

Green creeper sneakers, $40, T.U.K.

Vintage Tibetan prayer necklace, $0, my friend Kathleen.

Black and white cuff bracelet, $4, Kohls.

Close-up of necklace.

Close-up of necklace.

The belt buckle.

My Style – Last Thursday

I got photographed for my school newspaper’s fashion section! Here’s the photo:

Yours truly, making a strange face.

The bag is vintage (got it from a flea market for $1!), and the cami is from Forever 21 ($2.50!!!!!). The cardigan was purchased at Ross (about $10). The jeans are kind of blah and baggy on me but I got them from Aeropostale on clearance ($20).

It’s not the most flattering picture in the world. I look pretty bloated, but that aside, I like my cardigan.

My outfit, 2/05/10.


My outfit from 2/05/10.

Part of the reason I created this blog is my goal of improving my daily style. I tend to get lazy and look like a schlub pretty often. I’m trying to work on strengthening my fashion sense. Here’s what I wore last Friday (above). I hate to admit it, but both my vest and my shirt are from Avril Lavigne’s clothing line, Abbey Dawn. I really dislike Avril Lavigne and her music, and I admit that most of the clothing in her line is hideous. There are a few cute items in her line, and all of it is pretty affordable. (It’s sold at Kohl’s.) In the photo above, I’m wearing two Abbey Dawn pieces: the checkered top and the vest I’m wearing on top of it are both Abbey Dawn. I got the vest for $4 off the clearance rack and I think the top was $20, which was a bit painful for me, but I really liked it. I made the necklace from a vintage bone bead that my friend gave me. The earrings are from Body Central ($4), the bracelet is also from Kohl’s ($4), and I’m also wearing a bunch of rings, the big black one being from Target ($8).

The feet...

My shoes.

I’m wearing T.U.K. creeper sneakers (around $40) and skinny jeans.

The hand.

My bracelet/cuff and big black ring. (And hair tie...)

Green and  black checkered Abbey Dawn top.
Green and black checkered Abbey Dawn top on the runway.

What do you think about this outfit? Comment, and let me know!