Thrifty Cent is on Tumblr!

Thought I’d take a moment to plug our tumblr page by showing you some of the awesome fashion and street style photos featured:


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Kat Von D starts a weekly fashion vlog on YouTube

I have tried to focus mainly on blogging with my own original content lately, but I just have to share the news about my personal fashion idol, Kat Von D. Like her, hate her, whatever — but the girl’s got style. Just get a load of her shoe “closet” (which is actually a shoe room). I wish I had space for the shoes I have now, let alone an entire room.

She also has a great informational video on mourning jewelry here, something I adore but can’t afford (at least not authentic antique mourning jewelry). This is a subject I am very interested in. If I may add to the little lesson given in the video, in centuries past, women were expected to wear black for up to  year after their husbands died as a visual display of widowdom and grief. Those who could afford it often willed money to be used after their death to pay for mourning rings, which might have the departed’s initials, portrait, and many times actual hair from the body, to be distributed to their loved ones. I think that is fascinating.

Kat Von D has stepped away from the reality show world, but is still very busy! She is still tattooing at her very own shop, High Voltage Tattoo in LA. She is also working on an album, finishing a new book, and designing a new line for her fashion brand, Kat Von D Los Angeles.


Win Nasty Gal for life! Nasty Gal Hosting a $10,000 gift card giveaway!

Hey, I’m in!

Enter at Nasty Gal’s website, The clothing and accessories for sale at Nasty Gal are super rad, but also super expensive. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have $10,000 of pure mad money to spend shamelessly on your wardrobe?

This is not a sponsored post! I am just really jazzed about such a crazy giveaway and wanted to share a chance to win with my readers.

Alexander McQueen: Into the Woods

This month, Sarah Burton (who took over as designer after Alexander McQueen’s passing) threw a fashion show in McQueen’s native London for the Fall 2012 McQ line as a celebration for the launch of a new store location. She has been able to maintain the McQueeny-ness of the late designers aesthetic while still creating original and exciting new pieces. The McQ line is tailored to a more everyday look. This collection has earthy, woodsy colors (browns, forest greens, deep autumn reds) but there’s nothing bland about it. It really feels like fall. Nothing too vibrant. Enjoy!

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