Thrifted Wicker Lunch Box

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This little gem cost me $2.99 at my Goodwill. I have torn the inside lining out because it was stained and the elastic was dry-rotted (the elastic was intended to hold utensils and condiments), and plan to use it as a handbag.




My new favorite earrings – Glow-in-the-dark Bats!

xmas 120

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Hello all! I am pretty pleased with these earrings I made around Christmas time. I took rubber bats from Halloween ($2.88 per pack of 16, at the time), affixed gold jumprings, chain, and fancy gold ear hooks. Takes like five minutes, and they look so cool, especially in the dark, as they GLOW! They are reeeeally big and swing around violently, but that is exactly how I want all my earrings to be. Thoughts?


Scenes from Pirate Weekend!

Renaissance Faires are great places to see unusual fashion. My boyfriend and I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire twice this summer. We ate large haunches of meat and we are not ashamed.

Here are some highlights:

Two lovely girls with pretty hair!


Crazy synth-goth boots. They were very alarmed and confused when I asked if I could photograph them for this blog, but they were just crazy enough to let some weird girl take pictures of their shoes for what they could only hope was a real blog. I just love ridiculous shoes. Is that so wrong?!

Jolly minstrels.

And, me and some friends:

I am wearing some mildly pirate-y garb — a silk red and black striped blouse with a black denim 90s vest with leather trim, both thrifted from Goodwill. Stay tuned for a post with my haul of goodies, which includes a poison stash necklace. The merchant suggested that it might also store that which Eric Clapton so famously sung about. I prefer poison!

I love shopping at weird festivals like this. I always find such unusual items, like a teeny tiny white leather satchel. At our RenFaire, there are vendors who make custom leather boots, corsets, blades, glassblowers, and even people selling animal bones.

I’d love to see photos that you guys have of your experiences with Renaissance Faires. Do you dress up? Comment!

Street Fashion – Early Spring 2011 Trend Spotting

Pastel colorblocking, from

Color-blocking (wearing simple, one color garments all of different colors) seems to be on the rise again! I am not into mixing blues and oranges myself, so if I try this, it will be with pastels like the woman above.

A great 70s-esque look: flared jeans and kimono style sleeves.

The skinny jeans craze has finally ebbed enough to make room for flares and bell-bottoms again! People still appreciate how flared trousers create a balanced silhouette. This woman has a very 70s look going on, which in my opinion, is and always will be CHIC! I love flowy tops and brown leather.

Bird prints are in. Strange but awesome.

I’ve been seeing fabrics with birds on them pretty often lately. It’s cute. I have also seen kangaroo prints.

60's style empire waist dresses.

Another common sight right now is empire waist dresses and tops. (Empire waists are below the bosom, much higher than the natural waist.) Dresses with waists like these were very, very popular in the sixties.

My “trend-spotting” is in no way meant to make you feel like you need to follow the trends. I’m just observing and offering inspiration. I am the kind of person who likes the classics way more than the trends. If what’s trendy happens to be cute, I might imbibe but following trends that one doesn’t even like leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyways, happy Wednesday! Here’s to hoping Saturday comes fast! (That’s my Friday.) Weeeeee!

New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011 – Betsey Johnson Fall 2011 Collection

Click here for photo stills of each outfit in the ready-to-wear collection.

Despite having faced bankruptcy last year (the line was saved by Steve Madden), Betsey Johnson still delivers an amazing collection for Fall 2011. She has incorporated many of the current trends (like the use of silky and sheer fabrics for maxi skirts) but makes them her own (puce green leopard print) as always. I love the silky leopard pants. What are your favorites?

Street style round-up: Harajuku, Leopard print, Marie Antoinette, High-waisted shorts and more!

As always, I share with you some looks I thought were neat. Let’s see why these looks work so we can try them ourselves!


Natsi W. of

A lot of people make Japanese fashion trends look tacky, but this girl wears it well. I think it's a very cool idea to take a shirt-dress, like the pink and white plaid one she's wearing, and wear is as an open jacket. Especially good if you aren't quite ready to wear a tight fitting dress on its own.

Rose B. of

There are a lot of things I like going on in this photo: silky button up blouse, cardigan sweater, side braid, and simple make-up. This outfit looks effortless and not overdone, which is a feat, considering that leopard print jeans had their run of popularity and run the risk of looking tacky. I've had my eye on a pair for awhile, but never made the purchase. I have a pair of red and black ones (the ones from the Miley Cyrus/Max Azria collection) and have yet to let them see the sunlight. This look inspires me, though. The loose fit and Buddy Holly-ness of the cardigan balance balance out the leopard pants. Likewise, she's kept her hair and makeup simple.

Anina M. of

So, this isn't an outfit you'd wear to the grocery store or to work, but it has some pretty cool elements. If only we could always dress so fun! This outfit is Marie Antoinette inspired, with a high piled updo and pastel colors. Again, we see a sweater over a button up blouse. The top half is simple, so she's chosen a more dramatic hosiery... Or maybe those hearts are just glued on? Either way, so good.

Devreaux J. on

I really love those tights.

So, I am getting bored with Creative looks are few and far between and mostly everyone must be rich to afford a zillion pairs of Jeffrey Cambell shoes. Those things can be like $500.

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Street Style Round-up: Combat boots, Doc Martens, Dread-falls, and Velvet

These are from the Easy Fashion of Paris blog. This is one of my favorite street style blogs, ever. Those Parisians really know how to dress.

I post these because they have inspired me, and hope they can do the same for you.

The drape-y dress looks like she rouched it up herself. Looks great with the Doc boots. Also, those sunglasses -- I got ones that look IDENTICAL at a $0.99 store in Vegas.

That coat is to die for. Looks vintage. I love the dark wash jeans with the white Doc boots. I want to try and do a look like this with my faux fur leopard vest.

What's not to love here? When you have a brightly dyed hair color, you can get crazier with hair accessories. They purple headband looks great with her dreadlocks poking out behind! You can find similar headbands at dollar stores, or could easily attach a large bow to a headband you already own. I love the colored chain link choker as well - it would be very inexpensive to recreate. Also, this girl is gorgeous!

This a very classic look that appears to have been inspired by Anne Bancroft's character in The Graduate. I love chiffon tops and dresses, especially in animal print. I have a chiffon night gown by New York & Company that I got for a couple bucks at a thrift store. I wear it as a tunic or a dress. I can belt it at the empire waist or tie a knot in the side and let it be a flowy peasant blouse. This woman has belted hers with a cord or rope, which looks like the kind they sell as curtain tie backs. (You could use that to make your own belt!)

This last one is from

I post this girl's looks a lot! I love velvet, and I love lace. Both are readily available in thrift stores, especially since they were both so popular in the 90s. Forever 21 also has (or at least had) velvet skirts like this one for only about $12-13. I know, because I bought one. I am also a fan of this girl's hair.

Cultural Inspiration: Tibet, Traditional Tibetan Clothing

The people of Tibet have one of the most beautiful cultures in the whole world.  It’s very tragic that they are being displaced and oppressed by the Chinese government, not only because they are losing the land they’ve inhabited for centuries but because they are in risk of losing their culture and traditions, as the people are forced to spread out across Asia and the rest of the world as refugees. Sadly, this has been going on for decades.

Here are some photos of Tibetans in their traditional apparel. Let these photos inspire you in your own looks.

Their culture is so rich and so vibrant… it would be a shame to see it fade away.

Street Fashion Round-up: Plaid, Lace, Velvet, Cream fabrics…

Street fashion trend: All black outfits & How to Make Them Work, with Kat Von D, Jordin Sparks and more!

This isn’t news by any means, but I am so into all-black outfits. They’ve been showing up fairly often on runways for awhile. I think Gucci had a fall or winter season a few years ago where they showed off all black looks, and suddenly I was in love. Whereas before I thought all black outfits looked awkward and overdone, I now saw elegance and beauty in them. But… what did these designers know that I didn’t? My black outfits were failing miserably. As a teenager, I was into the whole goth scene: the music, the look… but goth clothing can appear tacky and cliché when not styled properly, like this.

Here’s how Kat Von D wears it:

How does she pull it off? When I was in high school I’d try on all kinds of outfits in my bedroom. I had a few pairs of black jeans, and I’d try pairing them with a black top, but somehow the outfit would feel awkward. Those outfits never made it beyond my bedroom door.

So, what’s the secret? There’s a trick to making a look like this successful. It’s all about LAYERING! Think about different textures, like leather (real or pleather), velvet, suede, cotton, lace, shiny vinyl or PVC, matte fabrics, cable knits, and so on. A cotton shirt with a cotton shirt in all black’s just going to look boring and just doesn’t feel right, kind of like this outfit Jordan Sparks (American Idol) wore:

The fabrics are just too similar. That’s not to say that she looks bad, but the outfit lacks spice.

Here are some more successes like Kat Von D’s…

She mixes a matte knitted (and high shouldered) top with leather shorts and  leather shoes. Her accessories (leather bag and round Chanel-esqe specs) really help to make the outfit interesting. Some times it’s all about accessories. Accessories, like silver and gold toned jewelry, can really set an all black get-up on fire… in a good way.

With black, you have more options than you might have thought. Lace and sheer mesh are in right now, so it’s easy to find them in stores, but you’ll certainly be able to find pieces with a lot of character while thrifting. I just got a sheer black blouse at the Salvation army that will go GREAT with my $2 thrifted leather pencil skirt and black bra. (I know, I desperately need to show off my recent finds. Sorry!)

Another thing you may want to give a second chance is fringe. Fringe may have had it’s heyday in the late 60s and on into the 70s, but by the 80s and 90s it got stale, tacky… People ran around with puffy leather jackets with swede fringe hanging from their arms, while the fashion police cringed. Lately though, daring fashionistas as well as celebrities have been adopting this misfit into their outfits. Fringe is back! Some designers are taking a new approach to fringe, like these from Giuseppe Zanotti:

And with studs and chains being so popular right now,  I guarantee you’ll find a cheaper alternative. I was just in Rue 21 a few days ago and they had spiked black stillettos! Craziness. (I wanted them but decided combat books and a lace top were better investments. I don’t have many fancy occasions to get all gussied up for these days.)

Let these looks inspire you!

Street Fashion Round-up: 6 Looks You Can Recreate with Thrift Store Finds

I’ve collected some spring and summer appropriate looks from street fashion sites that are totally doable on a thrift store budget. You won’t be able to exactly replicate the look, but with some Goodwill trips and using what you’ve already got, you could work these looks into your own outfits.

1. Loose fitting blouse / ripped skinny jeans combo

Dolman style tops are really easy to find in retails stores right now. I got a purple dolman sleeve top at DEB for $3 off of the clearance rack a few months ago. But, hello, this style was popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so it’s definitely possible for you to find something similar in thrift stores with a little hunting. Grab a pair of snug fitting light wash jeans, tear if you wish, and voila! This woman has spiced up the outfits with accessories, like her rad sunglasses.

2. Blazer / oversized tee / opaque tights / slouchy boots

Every thrift store has at least one rack of blazers. A few weeks ago I got three New York & Co blazers for work for just $5 each! Oversized teeshirts are overabundant in places like Goodwill and the Salvation army. Vintage slouchy boots are more sought after, but as you saw in a past entry, it’s possible to find them for good prices.

3. Layering different prints, fabrics, textures, eras…

This outfit combines so much at once without looking bad. There are some expensive pieces in this outfit — like the Alexander McQueen sheer scarf (if it’s authentic), but even this can be replicated with thrift store finds. Most thrift stores and vintage boutiques have a rack divoted to scarves. The metallic shoes might be a challenge. However, there are a lot of 80s and 90s esque items in this outfit that are likely to be found while thrifting.

Here are some other cool looks:

Street Fashion Round-up: Boyfriend jeans, Crust-punk pants, and Versace platform shoes.

I haven’t been keeping up on posting at all lately! I am in the midst of the end of the semester here at college and I’m only a month away from graduation!!!! AHHHHH! So, that’s why you’ll be seeing large bursts of posts all at once and then periods of no posts. Please forgive me.

Decided it was time for another street style round-up, so I chose some cool outfits from and Easy Fashion. Enjoy.

Cropped blazer, boyfriend jeans.

I love this outfit. It’s simple and casual enough that it’s actually practical. I really want a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Garter stockings, shredded top.

I think she’s wearing pantyhose that are made to look as if she’s wearing a garter belt and stockings as well. Very sexy but still edgy.

Leopard dress, denim vest, studded cuffs.

Love, love, love, LOVE. Everything about it. I would wear this outfit, if the dress were a bit longer. I don’t like to have to worry about my underwear or butt-cheeks showing. Just makes me wanna not wear a dress when it’s so short that you can only really be standing. Nevertheless, this is a bomb outfit. I wanna stud my denim vest. Think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Killer boots and crust-punk pants.

Despite how delicate those pants would be, it’s a really cool take on the way crust-punks alter their pants. They will sew patches upon patches onto their pants until the pants are virtually gone. This person (I assume they made them, if they bought them that’s sad) must have taken a lot of time to sew all these little sections of denim together. Very cool. I really like that they’ve used dental floss as thread too. Seems tacky, but floss doesn’t break as easily. Hand sewing with thread makes the item delicate because the thread doesn’t allow for stretching.

Gorgeous platform shoes.

I think these are Versace shoes, if I am not mistaken. They are fabulous. So fabulous that I’m now angry.

Well, that’s it for now. Please, please, please leave comments! Stay tuned for more madness.

My Style: Some great outfits from the Gallery Exhibition…

So, this Saturday was the opening for the new exhibition at the art gallery where I work. Here are some highlights from my friends’ wonderful outfits:

Berkeley, in a great fitting purple buttoned dress.

Kathleen, in a longer dress which she got for free.

Sara, in a pretty teal tulip dress with a zebra print cardigan.

Kelly, wearing a gorgeous black dress with lace trim.

Please, leave me comments!

Street Style Round Up: Leopard, Headphones, Striped Tights, Leather Pants

From The Style Scout and so on.

Beautiful woman with great style.

Great jacket, great shoes...