Thrifted Wicker Lunch Box

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This little gem cost me $2.99 at my Goodwill. I have torn the inside lining out because it was stained and the elastic was dry-rotted (the elastic was intended to hold utensils and condiments), and plan to use it as a handbag.




Recent Thrifted Finds – Winter 2012 Review

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A thick black leather belt with an awesome silver crescent moon belt buckle. $2 at my local animal shelter thrift store.

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Thick white leather belt with a big gold buckle. Again, $2.

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This little gem was found at my all time favorite vintage shop EVER, Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb in Carlisle, PA. If you live in the area, hit it up. I have found some awesome pieces here. This belt was $6. From the geometric shape of it, it looks to be from the eighties.

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White leather ankle boots. Slouchy and cute. I found this at my nearest Goodwill. They were $6.95, which admittedly is a little expensive for thrifting, but I find good shoes so rarely, I just had to.

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Wild West velvet waistcoat. I can’t say no to velvet vests or jackets. $3.95 at Goodwill.

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Long-sleeve button-up blouse with black cording detail. It is repeated on the cuffs as well. It’s a little Grandma-ish but I like that. I am still questing for the perfect white button-up blouse, and this one is pretty awesome, but I am looking for one that’s silkier and has pockets. The quest continues! $3 at the animal shelter thrift store.

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This bag is what thrifting dreams are made of. It’s a 50s/60s era snap-closure handbag. Just awesome. The outside is like those heavy velvety curtains your Grandma had. $4, local thrift store.


Outfit of the Day 12/20/2012

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Silk Alexander McQueen-esque scarf, $11 from Rue 21 last year; grey silk button-up blouse from a “fill a bag for $2” thrift store; dalmatian print Vince Camuto belt from Ross (discount store) for $12.99; black skinny jeans.


Scenes from Pirate Weekend!

Renaissance Faires are great places to see unusual fashion. My boyfriend and I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire twice this summer. We ate large haunches of meat and we are not ashamed.

Here are some highlights:

Two lovely girls with pretty hair!


Crazy synth-goth boots. They were very alarmed and confused when I asked if I could photograph them for this blog, but they were just crazy enough to let some weird girl take pictures of their shoes for what they could only hope was a real blog. I just love ridiculous shoes. Is that so wrong?!

Jolly minstrels.

And, me and some friends:

I am wearing some mildly pirate-y garb — a silk red and black striped blouse with a black denim 90s vest with leather trim, both thrifted from Goodwill. Stay tuned for a post with my haul of goodies, which includes a poison stash necklace. The merchant suggested that it might also store that which Eric Clapton so famously sung about. I prefer poison!

I love shopping at weird festivals like this. I always find such unusual items, like a teeny tiny white leather satchel. At our RenFaire, there are vendors who make custom leather boots, corsets, blades, glassblowers, and even people selling animal bones.

I’d love to see photos that you guys have of your experiences with Renaissance Faires. Do you dress up? Comment!

My recent thrift store finds.

I have had some pretty extraordinary luck in thrifting lately. I now have a full time job, so I have been focusing on finding chic things that will fit into the constraints of my work dress code. I shouldn’t really say constraints, as it’s not that rigid for women, but I have to say withing dressy to business casual. When you think about it 40 hours seems like only a small portion of an entire week, but it really feels like most of my time is spent at work, so when I get home, I have no reason to change and nowhere to go, so I am feeling fashion deficient lately.

Anyways, enough of my blubbering, and on to my treasures!

Silk/chiffon sheer leopard skirt, Miss Ruth's Time Bomb (vintage boutique), $14.

Sadly, as awesome as this skirt is, it doesn’t fit me. And it is badly damaged, but I am going to use it for my mannequin (who seems to fit it perfectly) for the purposes of pairing it with other items for etsy photographs. This skirt is definately old. I am thinking at LEAST 1960s era.

Black denim vest, thrift store, $3. Printed maxi skirt, same thrift store $3.

I found this black denim vest at the animal shelter thrift store for just $3. I’m beginning to have quite the vest collection! The maxi skirt buttons up all the way in the front and also cost $3 from the same thrift store. Here is a better shot:

I can wear it to the beach or to work. I like that kind of versatility.

Lush red velvet skirt, $2, from a vintage boutique's bargain bin.

I had hoped this awesome velvet skirt would fit me, but unfortunately it’s a little too big. This one is probably going to find its way into my etsy store.

This is a better representation of the skirts color. Reminds me of red wine. (Yum.)

Crazy tribal print maxi skirt, thrift store, $3.

I am madly in love with this skirt. Of course, with my dumb luck, the first time I wore it I popped a button off of it, so I have to sew a new one on, but that’s because I am not used to wearing maxi skirts and caught the hem when walking. Here’s a closer look at the print:

Well, that’s it for now. I have a batch of vintage jewelry to show off next time. Stay tuned, and let me know what you think of my finds with a comment!

Thrifty Finds: Velvet Matador Bolero and Tuxedo Shirt

This matador jacket (or bolero if you prefer) was purchased at a consignment shop called “Classy Rags.” It was $11.50 which is kind of pricey for me when it comes to used items, but I kept thinking I’d regret not getting it. I am definitely going back there, because there were some really gaudy silk blazers that I am remorseful for not owning. The tuxedo shirt is from the CVAS thrift store, and it was purchased during a “fill-a-paper-bag-for-$5” sale.

Check out the cool detailing! Very soft, but a tad bit big on me. I’ll still wear it. Reminds me of this:

See the gold cording detail.

I really want to get some photos of my outfits but every chance I get it’s overcast and/or my stupid camera is non-compliant. Don’t get a Fujifilm Finepix S1800. It’s outdated now, so you probably won’t anyway, but just a heads up — the on/off switches malfunction.


Yesterday’s Outfit: I have a cold.

I am wearing a few-years-old leopard cardi from H&M that I bought from the H&M store in New York ($16?), a thrifted Express button up collared shirt ($3, CVAS Thrift Store), and thrifted Converse jeans ($6, Goodwill).


I have had a pretty bad cold for the past few days. Definitely not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I decided to leave the house for the first time in two days today (well, yesterday now) to venture out to a thrift store… and was delighted to discover that they were having a bag sale! Fill a bag with clothing for $5. Not bad, but they seemed to be pretty well picked over as far as cool stuff goes, so I shared the bag with my sister. I got a seventies track sweater, which is pretty awesome. I am in need of funds, so I am debating whether or not to sell it.

I can’t wait until it gets nicer outside! I can’t seem to get any good pictures indoors. I live in a small, crowded house with poor lighting. Also, I always make a weird face when cameras flash. I can’t explain it. I just look better sans flash.

I am considering doing prodect reviews for the blog. So, with that in mind, I bought a “ball” of that nifty lip balm by EOS that I saw on Michelle Phan’s YouTube, and after only hours of possessing this awesome lip balm, my dog found it and chewed it up. He really loves lip balm. (If you want to try it I found it for sale in the checkout lanes of Wal*Mart.) So, I will have to buy another, since it smelled so good and my lips are hurtin’ for balm. I hate winter! I also feel it necessary to express my dire need for a camera tripod. Where can I get a cheap one? Been scouring eBay.

Today I am hooked on the song Heads Will Roll by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

Street Style Round-up: Sweet Summer Looks

Here are some really neat (and thrift-store doable) looks from and beyond.

Striped tops are all the rage right now. They pair well with vintage denim shorts.

Shorts would be wise with a poncho/shawl like this. Looks great, though!

Suede fringe boots with shorts? I love it!

I have got to get a pair of harem shorts like his…

Capri length tribal pants… I want them.

A cool mash-up of several eras — rockabilly hair, 7os punk skirt and tights, and 90s hip-hop jewelry and shoes.

That’s all for now.

Street Fashion Round-up: 6 Looks You Can Recreate with Thrift Store Finds

I’ve collected some spring and summer appropriate looks from street fashion sites that are totally doable on a thrift store budget. You won’t be able to exactly replicate the look, but with some Goodwill trips and using what you’ve already got, you could work these looks into your own outfits.

1. Loose fitting blouse / ripped skinny jeans combo

Dolman style tops are really easy to find in retails stores right now. I got a purple dolman sleeve top at DEB for $3 off of the clearance rack a few months ago. But, hello, this style was popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so it’s definitely possible for you to find something similar in thrift stores with a little hunting. Grab a pair of snug fitting light wash jeans, tear if you wish, and voila! This woman has spiced up the outfits with accessories, like her rad sunglasses.

2. Blazer / oversized tee / opaque tights / slouchy boots

Every thrift store has at least one rack of blazers. A few weeks ago I got three New York & Co blazers for work for just $5 each! Oversized teeshirts are overabundant in places like Goodwill and the Salvation army. Vintage slouchy boots are more sought after, but as you saw in a past entry, it’s possible to find them for good prices.

3. Layering different prints, fabrics, textures, eras…

This outfit combines so much at once without looking bad. There are some expensive pieces in this outfit — like the Alexander McQueen sheer scarf (if it’s authentic), but even this can be replicated with thrift store finds. Most thrift stores and vintage boutiques have a rack divoted to scarves. The metallic shoes might be a challenge. However, there are a lot of 80s and 90s esque items in this outfit that are likely to be found while thrifting.

Here are some other cool looks:

My Fashion: Dali Art Gallery Exhibition

Getting dressed up for openings for the art gallery that I work for at college is a lot of fun. Not to say that the art is somehow less important. I really enjoy fine art, and this particular exhibition was a collection of Salvador Dali prints illustrating The Divine Comedy. Super cool. So here are some cool outfits from that night…

Super cool vest and great maxi-dress.

Gorgeous dresses!

My outfit...

Weirdly lit face, and my outfit again.

I am wearing:

Leopard print button up top, Burlington Coat Factory, $9 ish

Faux leather waist cinching belt, Body Central, $9

Vintage leather pencil skirt, thrifted, $2

Silver faux snakeskin platforms, Steve Madden, $3o

I can’t resist Steve Madden shoes. Those were expensive, but I had to buy silver shoes for my friend’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid. Love them though.

My Style: Some great outfits from the Gallery Exhibition…

So, this Saturday was the opening for the new exhibition at the art gallery where I work. Here are some highlights from my friends’ wonderful outfits:

Berkeley, in a great fitting purple buttoned dress.

Kathleen, in a longer dress which she got for free.

Sara, in a pretty teal tulip dress with a zebra print cardigan.

Kelly, wearing a gorgeous black dress with lace trim.

Please, leave me comments!