Thrifted Wicker Lunch Box

poop 050 poop 051

This little gem cost me $2.99 at my Goodwill. I have torn the inside lining out because it was stained and the elastic was dry-rotted (the elastic was intended to hold utensils and condiments), and plan to use it as a handbag.




Ebay Find: Metal Bird Claw Bangle

Really Big Talons

I very recently scored this sweet bird talon bangle on, believe it or not, eBay! I first saw something like this on Nasty Gal, a site I like to ogle but can NOT afford, and was intrigued but wrote it off as out of my bank account league.  And then, the amazing youtuber Jen Im of CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS wore a metal claw bangle in one of her videos. I saw how awesome yet effortless it looked on her wrist. When she said she bought it on ebay, I paused the video and went directly to ebay. I actually found the very same bracelet, bought it, and also found the one you see above. I paid $1.04 (including shipping!) for it.

And here it is with the rest of today’s arm jewelry. The faceted stone ring is from Forever 21 (for $3.80) and the big weird red ring is from a dollar store in my local mall (for $0.99).

Thrifty Finds: Velvet Matador Bolero and Tuxedo Shirt

This matador jacket (or bolero if you prefer) was purchased at a consignment shop called “Classy Rags.” It was $11.50 which is kind of pricey for me when it comes to used items, but I kept thinking I’d regret not getting it. I am definitely going back there, because there were some really gaudy silk blazers that I am remorseful for not owning. The tuxedo shirt is from the CVAS thrift store, and it was purchased during a “fill-a-paper-bag-for-$5” sale.

Check out the cool detailing! Very soft, but a tad bit big on me. I’ll still wear it. Reminds me of this:

See the gold cording detail.

I really want to get some photos of my outfits but every chance I get it’s overcast and/or my stupid camera is non-compliant. Don’t get a Fujifilm Finepix S1800. It’s outdated now, so you probably won’t anyway, but just a heads up — the on/off switches malfunction.